Cripple Threat
E20 - Me Before You (2016) (with Justine Skourtis)

E19 - Sound of Metal (2019) (with Michael Cumming)

The Kenny Rogers Prayer

E18 - The Elephant Man (1980) (with Dan Link)

What if Jesus was hard to look at?

E17 - Penguin Bloom (2020)

The Attenbros

E16 - Stronger (2017) (with Geoff Makhoul)

A toilet is not a babysitter

E15 - Music by Sia (2021) (with Maggie Whittum)

A new normal

E14 - The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008)

We all end up in diapers

E13 - [TV] Special - Season 1 (2019)

Sharon left Shony by the seashore