Cripple Threat
5 months ago

E15 - Music by Sia (2021) (with Maggie Whittum)

A new normal

Today we are joined by filmmaker, disability advocate and stroke survivor Maggie Whittum to discuss the controversial new wheelie film Music. Through Sia’s directorial debut, Maggie offers her insight into our ongoing exploration of what constitutes an authentic disabled film. Unfortunately for Music, no amount of skillful choreography or arresting imagery can distract us from its deeply offensive caricature of autism and a misguided desire to redeem able-bodied characters through the burden of attendant care.

Throughout the episode, we also discuss the tedium of slow and disobedient disabled bodies, how covid isolation has unexpectedly improved accessibility, the importance of creative outlets in communicating chronic pain, and the continual struggle of reconciliation with an acquired disability and the resulting gap between past and present self.

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